Best 25 Beautiful Destinations Around the World for Homestay

Homestay at Famous Tourist Places

Traveling is enjoyable, but leaving your home and loved ones to go to a strange, new Homestays destination might make you feel nostalgic. Numerous thousands of people must migrate every year because of employment or school. The joy of a fresh start is accompanied by the sickening sense of leaving your family behind and the burden of high housing costs. If you agree with me here, homestay may be for you. I think of homestays as having a somewhat homey vibe while still being reasonably priced. This blog has been carefully chosen for your benefit to help you better grasp “what is homestay business.”

A kind of hospitality and lodging provided by the people of an area that is fairly popular these days. The local family serves as the host, treating the guests as though they were their own. The accommodation provided to the guests may be a room in the host’s home or a separate apartment close by. India is a popular destination for homestays because residents go above and beyond to satisfy visitors, which justifies the proverb “atithi devo bhava.” The primary goal of homestay is to provide travellers with an inexpensive, comfortable, and urban-adjacent place to stay. It enables visitors to better understand a location’s culture.

Best 25 Beautiful Destinations Around the World for Homestay


One of the most visited tourist destinations is Manali. It is made more beautiful by the snow, cottages, and homes with distinctive architecture. It is well-liked not just by tourists from outside of India but also by Indians themselves. Since there are so many tourists throughout the winter, it might be challenging for people to secure lodging. As a result, hotel and homestay reservations may be made much earlier. If you want to visit Manali soon, I advise you to reserve your accommodations in advance. You may stay in some of the cosiest homestays in Manali. To make your search easier, we’ve selected the top homestays. These are the greatest homestays in Manali from which to pick.

5 Amazing Places to Visit During Kullu Manali Trip , Best 25 Beautiful Destinations Around the World for Homestay


Everyone’s list of “the places I wish to visit” has always been topped by Goa. Although it’s still a destination many people dream about visiting, some of you may have actually been there. While some, like myself, have been to Goa previously and are preparing to visit the area once more with fresh enthusiasm. Whichever category you may fit into, having knowledge about a decent hotel is essential. This site features the most luxurious yet reasonably priced homestays in Goa. The ideal lodging choice may be one of the many popular homestays among tourists. Do you know why homestays are so well-liked?

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Every year, Goa is visited by thousands of travelers, both local and international. The state that is located on the Arabian Sea coast is well-known for its tropical spice plantations, Portuguese churches and buildings, and of course, its beaches. Goa also has a staggering variety of lodging options, from opulent, high-end resorts to comfortable, budget-friendly homestays. Some of the top Goa homestays are featured below.’

Goa 2022: Best Places to Visit , Best 25 Beautiful Homestay Destinations


There are numerous options when it comes to lodging, but a homestay comes out on top in this case. There are several causes for it. One is just how commonplace homestays are. Why are home stays becoming more common? They are presumably more cost-effective, which is the second argument. Thus, choosing a homestay is a preferable option. And we’re going to demonstrate the top homestays in Wayanad here. Wayanad is a rural area in Kerala that has the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, a tribal community, native flora and wildlife, and stunning vistas. An important tourist destination is Wayanad. People come here to recover from their physical and emotional exhaustion. Therefore, if your hurried city life has worn you out. Go to Wayanad.

Best 25 Beautiful Homestays Destinations, Wayanad, wayanad tourism, resorts, hotels,homestays, accommodation


Kodagu, sometimes referred to as Coorg, is a charming hill town in Karnataka. Beautiful flora and wildlife panorama, coffee plantations, verdant woods, countless streams, hills that drop abruptly to the earth, and breathtaking views are just a few of the attractions that are impossible to overlook. Coorg is unquestionably mentioned when people are making travel plans for a hill station. This is the cause of Coorg’s very high tourist activity. As a result, if you too have plans to visit Coorg, you should absolutely read my blog where I’ll give you an overview of some of the greatest Coorg homestays.

You will come across several websites with endless possibilities when looking for a decent homestay, which might be overwhelming. We have selected the top homestays in Coorg to clear up any misconceptions.

Best 25 Beautiful Homestays Destinations, 35 Places To Visit In Coorg In 2022 (with photos) - With 40+ Travel Stories


Sakleshpur, a hill town in Karnataka, is a manifestation of the Western Ghats mountain range. Sakleshpur is best visited in the winter, when you may anticipate a sizable throng. It will ultimately make it challenging for you to choose a fantastic place to stay. Here is a selection of the top homestays in Sakleshpur that you will undoubtedly enjoy helping you avoid that. Then you are free to travel to locations like a treasure trove of magnificent temples, enormous forts, charming waterfalls, breathtaking mountain climbs, and biodiversity hotspots.

Sakleshpur is a beautiful location to explore. especially when you want to activate the brain’s refresh button. You will undoubtedly make your holidays memorable and comfortable if you pick to stay at one of these top homestays in Sakleshpur.

18 Best Places To Visit In Sakleshpur For Adventure Enthusiasts In 2022!


Malaysia has territory on both the island of Borneo and the Malay Peninsula. Natural environments including beaches and jungles are present there. Additionally, there is a mingling of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and European cultural influences here. Visitors from all over the world flock to Malaysia to explore the vibrant retail areas and serene natural settings. Additionally, Malaysia provides a stunning selection of lodging options, namely cottages, chalets, and homestays. The top cottages and homestays in Malaysia have been hand-picked by us to assist you in making your lodging decision.

A place to stay is essential for every journey. If they are unable to find a suitable place to stay, fifty percent of people lose interest in visiting a new location. Homestays or cottages may be preferable to hotels since they are less expensive and less congested. They are roomy and make you feel nostalgic. To assist you in finding a better location to stay and enjoy your vacation, we have put together a list of the top cottage cum homestays in Malaysia.

Malaysia | History, Flag, Map, Population, Language, Religion, & Facts | Britannica


A lot of individuals intend to travel to Bali, an island off the coast of Indonesia, every year. Some of the region’s tourism attractions include its beaches, coral reefs, famous rice paddies, and wooded volcanic highlands. Additionally, the island is home to a number of religious structures, including the Uluwatu Temple, which is perched on a rock. The island is renowned for its retreats for yoga and meditation. Despite the many beautiful places to visit, many travelers to Bali still decide not to go. Volcanoes that are only partially active may occasionally become active. While other times it’s the expensive and unattractive lodgings. We can fix the later issue, but we can’t control the volcanoes.

To assist you in finding the ideal place to stay from which to take full advantage of Bali, we have compiled a list of the top cottage and homestays on the island. Bali is a multi-cultural island. Bali is the ideal location if you want to unwind in the midst of nature because it is surrounded by beaches and teeming with natural settlements. Bali provides a wide range of beautiful lodging options in addition to so many magnificent holiday destinations. And we have chosen Bali’s top homestays and villas that are both inexpensive and relaxing.

19 Best Things to Do in Bali Right Now


The Vietnamese city of Dalat is highly well-liked by nature-loving travelers. Due to its distinctively temperate climate, it is sometimes referred to as the “City of Eternal Spring”. Dalat is well known for the huge range of flowers, vegetables, and fruit from the nearby farms, but it also has a plethora of natural attractions. Dalat, which is blessed with stunning scenery, evergreen woods, and minority settlements, is a destination that every lover of nature must visit. And selecting homestays as your lodging is the ideal way to enjoy nature. You may enhance your vacation to Vietnam with these top Dalat homestays. The accommodations are not only the greatest in Dalat, but they are also conveniently located near the main city. Although not too near for you to hear the commotion of the city’s inhabitants.

Da Lat - What you need to know before you go – Go Guides


The name Darjeeling translates to “queen of hills.” India’s West Bengal state is home to Darjeeling. It has ideal natural beauty. You can view Mount Kanchenjunga from there. In Darjeeling, there are several sites to visit. Tea from Darjeeling is well-known worldwide. Darjeeling is great because of the six Ts: tea, teak, tourism, toy trains, tigers hills, and trekker paradise. You will be able to engage more deeply with Darjeeling’s natural splendor because of these homestays’ strong ties to the environment. Darjeeling is well known for its scenic beauty in addition to its tea. You can travel to Darjeeling if you seek quiet. You ought to choose homestays rather than crowded hotels. You may pick it from among Darjeeling’s top homestays.

Darjeeling district - Wikipedia


Kerala is located on India’s Malabar coast. It is an area where Malayalam is spoken. It is renowned for its stunning scenery. Kerala’s coastline is home to both mountains and beaches. The Western Ghats are home to a wide variety of flora and animals unique to this state. Kerala is home to four of the biggest wetlands. Kerala is abundant in all areas. Kerala is well-known for its tourism, and it offers a wonderful, calm atmosphere where you can unwind for a few days and hang out with your friends or family. So, if you’re seeking some fantastic places for homestay in Kerala and are going to go there, your quest is over.

Kerala Tourism- Best Places to Visit & Tourist Attractions of Kerala


Paris’ Eiffel Tower is well-known. It serves as France’s capital. Paris is renowned for its wintry weather and is regarded as the world’s most romantic city. The traditions and culture of this city are very well-known. Most couples like vacationing in Paris. Here are some lovely places for you to stay and enjoy in Paris (Best Homestay in Paris). These are some of the most attractive and reliable homestays available. Every home is unique and lovely on its own. So, if you’re seeking a homestay while traveling to Paris, your quest is over.

Paris City Guide: 23 Places Every Architect Must Visit | ArchDaily


Big Ben & Buckingham Palace are well-known landmarks in London. London is renowned for its history, affluence, politics, fine arts, and architecture. Big Ben, the Tower of London, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, the London Olympic Stadium, and many more notable sites are just a few. Similar to these locations, there are several well-known homestays where guests may unwind. View some of the best homestays in London right here. These are some of the greatest homestays in London, with the nicest gardens, terraces, and a host of other amenities that will undoubtedly make you happy and help you unwind. With over 20 million visitors annually, it’s little wonder London is one of the most visited cities in the world, with so many breathtaking tourist sites and intriguing things to do. The vibrant capital of Britain has plenty to offer for everyone, including foodies, adventurers, historians, and families, but it can be difficult to decide what to do first. Here are some of the best homestays in London.

Member Institutions | University of London


The IT industry has its centre in Bangalore. It serves as the state of Karnataka’s capital. The biggest city in Karnataka is this one. Bangalore’s culture is well-known. It is referred to as “India’s Garden City.” The “Pub city of India” is what it is known as. There are many of eateries that welcome vegans. For its devotion to the Hindu goddess Draupadi, Bangalore is well-known. So, several Bangalore homestays have been mentioned below for you to explore this lovely city. The following list includes a few of Bangalore’s homestays. You may stay in any of these lovely homes and take in the city. There are several tourist attractions for example Snow City. Another exciting place to visit in Bangalore is Snow City, the city’s main snow and ice park, which spans a space of around 12,000 square feet. Discover the snow castle, rock-strewn snow mountains, and other exhilarating sports like snow rafting and sliding while you take in the ecological snow’s beauty. In Snow City, there is a 9D theatre where short films are shown with interactive games like shooting and laser tag, however, everyone must pay an additional fee for that. Here are some of the best homestays in Bangalore.

Bangalore turns Bengaluru: The birth, life, and descent into dystopia of India's most liveable metro — Quartz India


Nainital is a stunning hill town known for its natural beauty. Nainital is known for its lake. Nainital has everyone, from young ones to the elderly. Additionally, Nainital has a cable car service that makes it simple for visitors to see the snow point. Additionally, there are affordable and attractive homestays that are available for the public. Some of them are there. Nainital is a charming hill town with lots of visitors. These are the top homestays to look forward to if you intend to visit Nainital. One of the nicest hill towns in India, Nainital is surrounded by lush hills, historic cottages, and a maze of winding lanes. The town is well-known for its many natural features as well as for having a pleasant temperature all year round. Old temples and heritage structures, boating and sailing, as well as breathtaking views at every turn are just a few of Nainital’s charms. Check here for the excellent homestay options in Nainital.

Best Time to Visit Nainital With Family


Dehradun is one of the charming cities that offers scenic enjoyment, and it is located in the Doon Valley with the Shivalik and Lesser Himalayas as a backdrop. During the British era, this city—then known as Dehra—became the location of several prestigious organizations and schools, including the Forest Research Institute, Doon School, and Welham Schools for boys and girls. Today’s capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun, is a great destination for families, couples, and single tourists alike. Dehradun draws vacationers from throughout the nation with its cosy hotels that provide breathtaking views of the towering Himalayas.

The city offers a gateway to well-liked hill resorts like Nainital, Mussoorie, etc. as well as holy destinations like Haridwar and Rishikesh and is renowned for its nice environment. The monsoon season brings heavy rains to the city, while the winters are bitterly cold. Being a part of the Princely Garhwal State, the Garhwali native customs have affected the city’s culture. Here are some of the best homestays in Dehradun.

Dehradun Tourism (2022) - Uttarakhand > Top Places, Travel Guide


Shimla’s towering snow-capped mountains, breathtakingly lush flora, and lovely lakes welcome you to take in their timeless beauty. The beauty of Shimla is rivaled or maybe surpassed in certain locations on earth. However, Shimla, one of Himachal Pradesh’s most popular tourist destinations, has an unmatched enchantment about it. It makes sense why it is known as the Queen of Hill Stations. When the British were in control of India, the region so caught their attention that it became their summer capital. Buildings there are blatantly influenced by British presence. The ability to visit Shimla at any time of the year is one of its finest qualities. Here are some of the best homestays in Shimla.

Shimla - Toliday Trip


If you would rather have a genuine vacation experience than a lavish hotel stay, homestays in Nepal are the ideal choice for you. In addition to giving you a cozy and enjoyable place to stay while on vacation, they provide a wonderful opportunity to learn about the local way of life and culture. There are many alternatives to homestays in Nepal. The spiritual center may be in Pokhara, but you may also make travel arrangements to stay in Bhaktapur, widely known as the city of believers. You may find excellent homestays that provide you with the same services as hotels at a reduced cost even in Kathmandu, the capital of the country. Here are some of the best homestays in Nepal.

Nepal: History, People, Geography, and Economy


Travel is one pastime that will never become obsolete any time soon. Additionally, wherever people go, housing is a constant concern that requires them to spend the most both financially and time-wise. Homestays are becoming more and more popular, and the number of options is growing. We’ll talk about homestay in Greece today, which will make your time in isolation more relaxing and pleasant. Greece is a country rich in history and home to many stunning sights, thus travel times there are nearly always longer than anticipated. It is imperative that you choose a housing option after doing your research. You may be wondering, where should I stay in Greece. The top homestays in Greece are listed here.

Study in Greece: A Guide for International Students


Turkey is often associated with adjectives like comfort and luxury. These ideas are maintained by the wide variety of hotel options available throughout the country. Budget travelers, families, and others can find lodging options, from opulent resorts to humble inns. Below is a list of Turkey’s best homestays. With the exception of a couple that might be a little pricy, most of them are welcoming local houses created for all sorts of guests. For the best and most authentic Turkish experience, stay at any of these places, which are spread all over the country. Here are some of the best homestays in Turkey.

Turkey | Location, Geography, People, Economy, Culture, & History | Britannica


Are you seeking for a location with a stunning natural setting, a fantastic culture, and lots of options for adventure? The only place to search is in Morocco. It features the Atlantic Coast, the Sahara Desert, and vibrant cities—everything you could want in a holiday destination. Amazing hotel alternatives are available there, including tranquil riads, communal hostels, and even tents in the desert. When you consider all the hotel alternatives in Morocco, especially given how well-liked the country is as a tourism destination, it may be somewhat difficult to decide where to stay. Fortunately, there are many of options among Morocco’s great homestays. Here are a few of Morocco’s top homestays.

Morocco Homestays destination


Leave the stuffy, government-run hotels behind. If you want to unravel the puzzling riddles of modern Cuba, it is advisable to stay at a privately run bed and breakfast. Let’s look at some of Cuba’s top homestays. These actual family homes, which are secure, orderly, and charmingly old, depict Cuba as it is perceived by Cubans: as an intriguingly paradoxical place where vintage Chevrolets outpace Ladas and the nation’s doctors are paid less than waiters in Varadero who work for tips. Bed and breakfasts in Cuba, often known as Casas, can be as luxurious as colonial mansions in Trinidad or as basic as clapboard beach huts in Baracoa. Check here for the best homestays.

Homestays destination cuba


Many people have a list of places on their bucket list that they’d want to see and experience. Our inherent need to learn more about the world motivates us to travel in search of novel experiences. Portugal is one of the countries in Europe that receives the largest tourist traffic. Due to its vibrant culture, beautiful architecture, and spectacular beaches, it is a well-liked holiday spot for people seeking a range of getaways. What is the most efficient way to travel across such a varied nation? homestays, of course. Homestays offer a unique experience that will give every visitor a clear insight of what it’s like to live in Portugal. Here are a few of Portugal’s top homestays.

Portugal - What you need to know before you go, Homestays destination


Brazil is a strange and lovely place. Along with families and honeymooners, it is well-liked by backpackers and lone travellers. As a result, Brazil has a large number of quality homestays that provide all kinds of tourists the best-in-class elegance, comfort, and hospitality. These homestays in Brazil guarantee that your trip will be one to remember thanks to their first-rate facilities and fantastic locations. Look into it. Are you looking for accommodations in Brazil besides hotels and resorts? There are many nice, comfortable, and equipped homestays available to make your trip relaxing and hassle-free.

What Is Brazil Known For? | Celebrity Cruises , Homestays destination


There is no substitute for homestays if you want to travel to Vietnam and enjoy a culturally immersive experience at a fair price. Visitors get the opportunity to interact with and meet individuals from various nations in addition to experiencing the Vietnamese lifestyle, customs, and culture. Traveling is, after all, all about seeing new places and meeting new people. The best homestays in Vietnam have been hand-picked by us so you can relax and truly feel at home while on vacation. In a homestay, you may experience local life and learn about another side of Vietnam.

Homestays destination, Explore the culturally rich and stunning Vietnam​ | Times of India Travel


Looking for a Peruvian homestay experience? Stay with a Peruvian family to learn more about their culture! Here, one can just once in a lifetime encounter the local Andean way of life. Homestay not only provides you with a wonderful experience, but they also support the local community’s rural development and economy. Unquestionably helpful are homestays in Peru. You may add one of our Peru homestays to a number of our Lares or Salkantay tours. You may choose a homestay experience in Peru on its own with our 2-day Overnight Huilloc Community Tourism excursion. To see Peru as it is in reality, stay with a Peruvian family!

General overview of Peru


Homestays in Australia have become a godsend for many travelers who like to get a full sense of a place rather than just walk around like a stranger on an island. Pack your bags and make reservations for the best homestay Sydney and other Australian regions have to offer for your comfort. Living with them now will allow you to not only benefit from comfort and convenience but also to live like a local and get a true sense of their culture.
That very much hides it. These homestays in Australia will be your perfect lodging if you’re going here to backpack or stay for a longer amount of time than usual because you’ll feel right at home.

Australia in Pictures: 24 Beautiful Places to Photograph | PlanetWare, Homestays destination


Japan is a beautiful and intriguing country, and its distinct culture has evolved into a cultural magnet all on its own. Thousands of visitors visit this stunning country every year, but those who wish to stay for an extended amount of time find it difficult to afford the accommodations. Because they are not only less expensive but also the most convenient way for tourists to experience Japanese culture and traditional way of life, selecting a homestay in Japan is a fantastic choice. These homestays destination are fantastic illustrations of traditional Japanese hospitality.

Japan - United States Department of State


Homestays destination provides an unmatched opportunity to experience world’s amazing diversity and attractions. Forts, historic Havelis (mansions), plantation bungalows, and remote rural cottages are just a few options. You could be able to stay with a nearby royal family. On the other side is a family from a tribe. There isn’t a better way to interact with Indians of all origins than this one!


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